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Great neighborhoods to live in Tampa Bay

Great neighborhoods to live in Tampa Bay

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Historic Kenwood

This area is located just west of downtown of St. Petersburg, Historic Kenwood represents one of the national monuments of Tampa, the knowing that this neighborhood has the largest concentration of bungalows in the state makes it one of the most appealing places to live in Tampa. Many of these bungalows date from 1920. This neighborhood is full of friendly people, that are different ages and during the first week of November the whole neighborhood host the festival called BungalowFest, during this festival they celebrate the historical heritage and cultural richness.

Downtown St. Petersburg

Downtown St. Petersburg is one of the most urban areas in the Tampa Bay. Here your will find the variety of properties, from business offices, commercial buildings, colleges and retails to churches, hotels, restaurants, and museums. Nearly 6,000 people live here, from young business man and women to seniors. There are a lot of apartments and buildings, also the townhouses and small apartments for single families. During the year, there are a lot of activities happening here, for example, fireworks on July 4, a lot of festivals connected to food, music, and art, they have a city hall and courthouse and in 1917 here was opened the first open air post office.

Ybor City

This represents a Latin Quarter, and it is located a mile from a downtown. This quarter was fist established in the 1880s when immigrants from Spain, Cuba, and Italy came here. They all worked in a cigar factory and even nowadays you can buy handmade cigarettes here. When you walk down the street, you can still notice the architecture from that time, the original worker’s cottages, only now a bit remodeled, but still highly desirable. This is a historic landmark of the Tampa. Through the food, drinks, and cigars you can feel the historic background of this area.

West Tampa

art17In this business district lies West Tampa. 20 years ago, this area dominated with Hispanics and African – Americans. Now we have modern buildings and employment centers here. There are a lot of hospitals and cultural centers here. Nowadays population of West Tampa is quickly transforming; there are a lot of Caucasians and Asians here. People who want to buy a home here range from 20 – something to 30 – something years and those is usually single families who want to have their home. The old cigar factory West Tampa Arts Center was transformed into 25 working studios and gallery.

SoHo/Hyde Park

For young business men and women who are in the search for something more trendy and contemporary and where work, home, and fun will be just minutes away an urban area called SoHo might the right place for the living. Near the SoHo lies a Hyde Park more elegant and soft environment for living. At its center lies Hyde Park Village, excellent for those who love nature, friendly environment, clean air and a place where they can take a walk with their pets. This neighborhood also has a lot of museums, theaters, movies, and restaurants.


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